Zaka women tests negative after PCR

Dr Amadeus Shamu.
Morris Bishi
Zaka – A Zaka woman who tested positive for Covid-19 on the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) has actually tested negative following further tests on the Gold Standard Test done in Harare, a senior Government official has confirmed.
Masvingo Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamu confirmed the development.
The further tests were done at the National Reference Laboratory in Harare last Thursday and were confirmed on Friday evening.
The first tests were done at Musiso Mission Hospital using the RDT kits which Government has distributed to health centres throughout the country.
The results bring relief to staff at the hospital, Zaka district and Masvingo Province as this was going to become the first Covid-19 case in Masvingo.
RDT is considered to be less accurate in terms of detecting the presence of Covid-19 virus compared to the Gold Standard Test (PCR) which has a success rate of 70%.

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