Zaka School needs US$20k to repair hailstorm damaged roofs


MASVINGO โ€“ Recent hailstorms that swept across the country blew off five classroom blocks rooftops at Nhema Primary School in Zaka leaving pupils learning in the open.
School head Georgina Mushauri told The Mirror that one three roomed classroom block survived the storm. She added that two staff teacher cottages had their roofs blown off.
โ€œThe estimated cost of the damage is US$20 000. We are appealing to well-wishers for assistance. It will be raining soon and we will be forced to close. We have 693 students sharing three blocks and a culture hut. Some pupils are learning at an open space,โ€ she said.
Zaka born and bred academic and Obekon Sports Director Dr Ellison Musara also appealed to local and diaspora based well โ€“wishers.
โ€œElectricity polls are still lying across the road and it looks like nobody knows what to do with them. Fortunately they were not connected to the grid. The saddest part is that the whole of last week it has been drizzling and some pupils are overcrowded in one block whose roof top is still intact,โ€ he added.
He said the situation is heart breaking as students cannot attend schools when it is raining.
Chief Nhema said the situation is bad such that students are taking turns to use the only intact block. He also appealed to well-wishers to assist with funds towards procurement of roofing material or donations of material.
Well wishers can contact Nhema Primary school head Georgina Mushauri on 0773 581 783 or alternatively The Mirror helpline 0716 895 703/ 0775 691 380.

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