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Zacc intensifies TIMB boss probe

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Zacc intensifies TIMB boss probe


A probe into suspended Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) chief executive Meanwell Gudu has
been deepened by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), after it recently requested for his
salary history and employment profile.
In a letter addressed to TIMB board chairman Mr Patrick Devenish dated April 20, 2023 seen by The Herald,
ZACC said: “Please be advised that the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption is carrying out parallel investigations in
respect of Meanwell Gudu NR 66-031945 C66 who is employed by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing
Board (TIMB) as the current chief executive officer.
“As such, we kindly request that your good office furnish us with certified copies of all salary history from
the period of January 2012 to date and employment profile in order for us to facilitate our investigations.
Your usual cooperation is greatly appreciated.”
In an interview last night, Mr Devenish confirmed receiving the letter from ZACC. “Yes, we have received it,”
he said. “It should be confidential and I donʼt know how it found its way on social media, but once it is
there, there is nothing we can do.”
Gudu was arrested by ZACC on September 6 last year and has already appeared in court facing criminal
abuse office charges relating to tobacco inputs meant to benefit small-scale farmers.
He appeared before magistrate Mr Taurai Manuwere together with co-accused Stuart Shanyuka, who is
TIMB former head – special projects and Andrew Matibiri, the former chief executive.
Meanwhile, ZACC spokesperson Commissioner Thandiwe Mlobane has said claims that the anti-graft body
is involved in catching and releasing suspects arises from lack of understanding of the justice delivery
In an interview in Bulawayo last week, Comm Mlobane said: “Zacc has the mandate to receive all
complaints and we receive all complaints regardless of how frivolous or whatever the details are because
thatʼs what Section 255d of the Constitution requires us to do.
“Then Section 255a gives us the mandate to investigate all cases of corruption and as we investigate and
complete the investigation, we have the responsibility to submit those completed dockets to the National
Prosecuting Authority which is in Section 258 of the Constitution.
“NPA is the one that has to institute all proceedings of prosecution as an arm of Government and as
required by the State.”
Comm Mlobane said when a person was granted bail by the Magistrates Court or High Court, ZACC will not
be involved.
“So, it is the lack of knowledge and it is that gap that we are trying to close and also to make the public
aware that we have the mandate to investigate, but when it comes to prosecution, that mandate is
specifically given to NPA,” she said.
“When it comes to judgment, it is given to the judiciary.”
In 2021, ZACC received 1 354 reports with criminal abuse of duty cases standing at 697, fraud at 427, theft
of trust property totalling 58, theft 34, bribery 25, violation of the Mines and Minerals Act seven, and
money laundering and proceeds of crime 13.
ZACC also recovered assets worth over US$25 million from January to September last year, through its
asset recovery and forfeiture unit.
Zimbabwe has taken concrete steps to tackle corruption, with the Second Republic strengthening bodies
such as ZACC to execute their roles with minimal hindrance.
Apart from ZACC, police and the Special Anti-Corruption Unit have also been mandated to go a gear up in
the fight against corruption. Herald

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