ZAAC worries over Ministry of Mines corruption


GWERU – A Commissioner with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, Gabriel Chaibva has expressed concern at the high number of corruption cases involving the Ministry of Mines that have inundated the Constitutional body.
Chaibva told The Mirror in an interview on the sidelines of a workshop last week that corruption cases received against officials from the Ministry of Mines and involving mining claims are the highest from the Midlands.
Chaibva was at Village lodge where he was attending the validation workshop on Draft National Anti Corruption strategy.
“We receive quite a number of corruption cases involving cases the Ministry of Mines. There are allegations against mining officials in the manner that they allocate mining claims and settle disputes over the same.
“These are the highest number of cases that we receive from the Midlands. Another area that has high cases involves disputes over land, therefore it is these two that have inundated our offices,” said Chaibva.
He said that there were also corruption allegations against officials at various local authorities.
“For now we are here for validation purposes and I am happy with the turn up by Midlands stakeholders. We have deliderated and they have acknowledged that the draft was well captured,” said Chaibva
Chaibva said the commission will move aroud the 10 provinces and after that they will craft a final document which will be launched by the President.

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