Yamurai donates bed linen to Ascot Isolation Center

Elizabeth Mashiri

Midlands Bureau

Gweru – Yamurai Support Group has donated 120 bed sheets to Ascot Covid 19 Isolation Center.

The donation was handed over to Gweru City Council by the organization`s project manager Theresa Muchovo earlier today.

Muchovo told The Mirror that the idea to donate sheets came after discovering that bed linen for Covid-19 patients at the centre is not enough.

“We are an HIV and AIDs support group with around 200 members and our main objective is to teach people who are infected or affected with HIV. We brought 120 sheets for the 60 beds at this centre and it is our hope that this will go a long way in giving comfort to Covid-19 patients” said Muchovo.

Gweru City Mayor Josiah Makombe said that it is important that different organizations in the city are coming together in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

“I am happy we have NGOs which are coming forward with resources to help in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. I hope more organizations will follow suit with the little they can,” said Makombe. https://masvingomirror.com

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