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YAMBUKAI FINANCE is registered with the registrar of companies. It previously operated as Yambukai holdings Private limited t/a Yambukai finance from June 2000. The financial institution is also registered with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as a Microfinance institution. The license has consistently been renewed since 2000 and now has a perpetual status. Yambukai Finance is also a registered member of the Zimbabwe Association of Micro Finance Institutions (ZAMFI) which is a self-regulatory body that represent MFIs in Zimbabwe. In the year 2021, Yambukai Finance became a member of LOLC Holdings which is a profitable and valuable diversified conglomerate from Sri Lanka, incorporated in 1980 and originally founded as Lanka ORIX Leasing Company.
Vision, “to be a highly visible and preferred financial institution which provides innovative microfinance services to the commercially active but marginalized people in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.”
Mission, “to provide innovative, client centric micro finance Services solutions of choice to a cross section of the Zimbabwe’s urban and rural areas particularly the marginalized low-income groups, underpinned by a highly competent and dedicated team for the mutual benefit of both ourselves and the target market.”
To cater for the diverse needs of our clients, we have expanded our range of financial products and services to include;
Civil servants loans
Business loans
Asset finance loans
Zero interest purchase facility
Insurance Premium Finance
Pensioners loans
Payroll based loans
The managing director said “Yambukai Finance recognizes the importance of customer-centricity and its impact on our success and sustainability. At Yambukai Finance, we have adopted a customer-centric approach by placing the needs and aspirations of their clients at the forefront of its operations. We have implemented practices such as Needs Assessment and Market Research so as to improve client centricity. We conduct thorough needs assessments to understand the client’s financial goals, challenges and constraints. This enables us to design tailored products and services that meet their specific requirement. We regularly conduct market research to identify emerging customer needs and trends. This helps us to adapt our offerings to the evolving demands of their client base”.
Transparency is a core value at Yambukai Finance. They provide clients with clear and understandable information about their products, including interest rates, fees, terms and conditions. This ensures that clients have a comprehensive understanding of the costs and benefits associated with their financial offerings. Yambukai also adheres to industry best practices and regulatory requirements regarding disclosure. Their team is trained to provide transparent information to clients and answer any questions they may have.
They believe in empowering their clients to improve their financial well-being. They have implemented Financial Education Programs where they provide comprehensive financial education and training programs to enhance their clients’ understanding of financial concepts, money management and business skills. Through workshops, seminars and one-on-one counseling, they equip their clients with the knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions.
They are committed to reaching the underserved populations and ensuring accessibility to their services. They are one of the fastest growing Microfinance institutions in terms of Branch Network and have strategically established branches and service points in areas where our target clientele resides. This decentralized approach makes it convenient for clients to access their financial services without undue travel or time constraints. One will find Yambukai Finance in Masvingo, Gweru, Kwekwe, Gokwe, Harare, Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Marondera and Mutare.
Yambukai Finance has managed to have its competences recognized through multiple awards. In 2023, they won 2 awards in the 2023 Zamfi Microfinance National Excellence Award namely Most Productive Loans award and runner-up for Most Profitable & Financially stable award. In 2022, Yambukai Finance won the Platinum award under the Leader in Microfinance of the Year category at the Megafest Leadership Awards. With its payoff line “A helpline in times of need”, Yambukai has proved to be helpline to the people of Masvingo and surrounding areas.

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