Yahweh-Our Peace

My name is Stanley Vangiwa, born at Morgenster Mission hospital in Masvingo on the 2nd of March 1984. l did my primary education at Machitenda Primary School in an area called Mushawasha about 70 kilometers South of Masvingo.

l started singing at Primary School in the school choir that’s when l discovered my talent. l then went on to do my secondary education at Ndarama High School in the same town where l joined the school choir and carried on singing.

We used to sing at church at the family of God church in Masvingo in the church choir where I also played keyboards at church and joined several gospel groups in town that included Masvingo Praise City, aound 2002. l also attended tertiary education at Masvingo polytechnic where I did Human Resources Management and then moved to Harare in 2007.

Stanley got a job in Harare and worked upto 2009 before moving to SOUTH Africa, Johannesburg. ln Johannesburg, I joined a worship team at a church called Eagles Christian Centre which gave me an opportunity to work with top SA musicians including Judith Sephuma, Lionel Peterson and many more. I got more experience and decided to record my debut single during the initiation stage of Covid-19 lockdown period. I experienced a lot of challenges throughout due to the pandemic.

The single album is all about the hope that we have in God as He does not leave us nor forsake us, taken from His word says, He gives us hope, is the author and finisher of our faith, whatever he starts he will finish, seasons do come and go but God does not let us down.

This Covid 19 is just but a season it will pass and God will remain our hope. The Single comes in video and audio and is available on YouTube and all media platforms.

Be blessed.

The name of the single is Yahweh-Our Peace

You can watch it from youtube using this link: https://youtu.be/w6nPu1F1GWs

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