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Written off, hospitalised 2 years, boy miraculously survive cancer, thanks to graviola

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Written off, hospitalised 2 years, boy miraculously survive cancer, thanks to graviola




MASVINGO – A former Africa University lecturer, Miriam Nyasha Kwari has an intriguing story to tell.

After being written off by medical doctors, her son, Ryan Kwari (10) defied odds and survived leukaemia, one of the most lethal forms of cancer and she attributes the cure to a combination of a herb called graviola and modern medicine.

Ryan who spent two years in hospitals, at the Avenues Clinic in Harare and at Medanta in India is now 20 years, healthy, fit, and waiting to join the University.

The herb was clandestinely prescribed and administered by a Roman Catholic medical doctor whom Kwari interacted with as Ryan was hospitalised at Medanta in India.

The sordid experience has turned Kwari into a firm believer in herbs and she advises people to make herbs an intrinsic part of their meals and diet.

After heavy dosages of drugs and chemotherapy during high-risk treatment in 2014 Ryan slipped into a coma and could not move for three weeks.

A Catholic doctor who regularly visited and prayed for Ryan at the hospital then suggested to Kwari graviola, a herb that had had a high success rate with patients. Desperate Kwari could not refuse any chance of bringing her child’s life back, she told Matthew Takaona of The Mirror in an interview this week.

“The graviola was administered clandestinely of course and a week later, slight movements of his body could be seen, soon doctors told me that there was a recession in the cancer and Ryan could breathe on his own. The doctors at the hospital were not aware of the administration of graviola.

“It was a miracle. After heavy dosages of drugs and chemotherapy, my son slipped into a coma. A Roman Catholic medical doctor who came and prayed for Ryan then suggested that I administer graviola, a herb that had high success rate with cancer patients and this was at a time when the hospital had completely stopped administering drugs to him because of his reaction to them and the worsening situation. 

“After a week we could see slight flicks in his body. He later started pulling off the oxygen mask. Doctors told me that the cancer was receding remarkably and once again Ryan could breathe on his own. He would cry and call for his father. He was moved out of the intensive care and to ordinary wards as his improvement continued,” said Kwari.

The hospital waited for Kwari to get strong enough so that he could be put back on drugs and chemotherapy, but the Catholic doctor suggested that they take him back home and continue with graviola since the family had run out of money to keep him in India.

They returned to Zimbabwe and Ryan’s cancer continued to recede until there were no traces of the disease. He went back to school and his cancer is completely wiped out, said Kwari.

Leukemia which is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow is currently not curable. For children with acute lymphatic leukaemia, 90% can survive for five years, according to the American Cancer Society.

Kwari attributes the miracle cure to graviola. The herb opened her eyes, and she strongly believes that herbs can be a strong compliment of modern medicine. She encouraged families to make herbs part and parcel of their food and diet.

She said that a lot of ailments can be corrected or averted using herbs in foods and diets. Kwari who is a devout Catholic said God provided answers to all sicknesses through herbs.

“God made me go through this to remind us that He created nature with all the answers we need for different ailments. The Garden of Eden did not disappear like we grew up thinking. It is still in and around us for a reason.

“God created the garden of Eden with colourful fruits, the reds, green and the yellow. All greens are meant for the immune system and blood circulation. The reds help on palpitations, blood thinness and thickness. The yellows are meant for the stomach and digestion, and they help in the calming down of high acid levels. Having graviola in food, a pinch or as a drink is encouraging your entire system to become fully looked after,’’ said Kwari.  Like Saul in the Bible, Kwari’s experiences saw her abandoning her teaching career and becoming a staunch campaigner for the use of herbs. She has opened a clinic in Marlborough, Harare and she is currently going around the country creating awareness on the role that herbs can play in people’s health. Kwari is not an ordinary herbalist, she actually went through a formal training in India for six months.

Ryan’s cancer started off like a flue in 2013. He would cough persistently. Antibiotics prescribed by doctors would not work.

“One day when we were about to leave for work, we noticed that Ryan had a swollen neck. We took him to a doctor, an x-ray was done, and the results showed that he had tumour, sitting in his chest and it had to be operated on. We went to Harare where a lot of tests were done before an open surgery was conducted to remove the tumour. Some stuff from the tumour was taken to South Africa for tests where it was confirmed that this was Leukaemia, Lymphoblastic lymphoma which is very difficult to treat,’’ she said. 

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