World Vision to look into Buhera case

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Buhera – The World Vision is going to look into a case in which a Buhera village head is accused of forcing poor families to surrender part of the cash donations they received from the organization as welfare.

The seven families who come from Ward 21 had since reported Mubetswa, the village head to the councillor and the Police. They however did not make any formal complaints to World Vision.

Responding to a report which appeared in Chipinge Time last week, World Vision Advocacy, Communications and External Engagements Team Leader, Shamiso Matambanadzo said her organization was concerned and will definitely act on the matter.

“This matter was not, and has not, been formally brought to the attention of World Vision by the community in Buhera. Had this been the case we would have taken appropriate action. We will however, look into the situation with the seriousness it deserves,” said Matambanadzo in a statement.

The allegations are that Mubetswa is forcing the villagers to surrender part of the cash donations they received from World Vision so that he could redistribute it to villagers of his choice.

The villagers refused to oblige because they said that the process was not transparent. Mubetswa then went on to punish them by allegedly excluding them from Government welfare schemes and barring them from community events like funerals.

Ward 21 councillor Tavapa Mukandiwa confirmed the matter. He said he instructed the families to report Mubetswa to Police.

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