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Woodball comes to Masvingo

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Woodball comes to Masvingo


Ancilla Gotore


MASVINGO –Woodball, a new sports game in Zimbabwe with similarities to golf has come to Masvingo.

The Zimbabwe Woodball Federation held training sessions for coaches at Victoria High School on March 2-3, 2023 and 31 officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education participated.

National technical development director, Newsten Chipoya speaking at the training workshop encouraged participants to take the game further.

The woodball game was started in Taiwan by Wing -Hui Weng in 1999. Woodball is a sport where a mallet is used to pass a ball through the gates. The game can be played in grass, sands or indoor. The sport is in the program of Asian beach games and was incorporated in 2008. The international woodball federation is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

The sport was introduced in Zimbabwe through a Masvingo woman, Kudzai Pikitai who went to Uganda for sport exchange program in 2015.

In woodball, each team consists of eight to 18 players. Six players are allowed in a competition and only best four players are recorded when tallying the strokes. When playing in the fairway the objective is to complete 12 gates or 24 gates in accordance with international competition rules.

The ideal course should be a place where people can chat, walk, get together with friends and enjoy in relaxation.

The fairways are designed in straight, curved, L-shaped and V-shaped styles.

“As Zimbabwe Woodball board we are glad to have finally launched the game in Masvingo Province. I’m glad we managed to reach young talents through their teachers in order to attain education 5.0.

“Woodball originates from golf but is less complicated and the ball does not fly but bounces and rolls on the grass or ground. The player uses a mallet to hit a wooden ball through a small gate. The game is exciting because if a player scores, the ball hits the wine glass and it spins,” said Chipoya.

The training session in Masvingo came through a request made by school heads who attended a Physical Education workshop held in Harare mid February.

The next training sessions will be for tertiary institutions and communities at large.

Present at the training was Masvingo Provincial Schools Inspector in-charge of Physical Education and Culture Fredrick Matavikwa and the Masvingo teachers trained to understand the game first.

The wood ball board in Zimbabwe comprises of the president, Agripa Sora, Vice president Dzikamai Mandaza, Secretary General, Dr Tapera Chikandiwa and Kudzai Pikita who is the administrator.

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