Woman to pay RTGS$25 000 damages for bedding married man

Nyasha Musambasi

Chivhu – A Chivhu woman who bedded and co-habitated with a man married under Chapter 5:11 will part with RTGS$25 000 after a local magistrate found her guilty of adultery.

Chipo Mudadi will pay RTGS$25 000 to Angela Chibasa for having an extra-marital affair with Arnold Chibasa.
Chibasa had claimed RTGS$250 000 and Magistrate Sam Chitumwa revised down the amount which is for both contumelia and consortium.

The court was told that Mudadi had an affair with Arnold in 2008 which resulted in the birth of a child. They then separated after Angela got wind of the affair and confronted Mudadi.

In February, 2020 they resuscitated the affair and they started cohabiting.

On April 18, 2020, Mudadi was introduced to Chibasa by Arnold as her junior wife at Sandra Chibasa’s homestead who is an aunt to Arnold.

Mudadi denied all the allegations that were raised against her and told the court that she ended the affair in 2008.
In his ruling Magistrate Chitumwa said the plaintiff and Sandra gave enough evidence that the two had an affair. He also said that during the course of trial Mudadi never showed remorse for what she did. https://masvingomirror.com

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