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Woman appeals for wheelchair for bed-ridden daughter

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Woman appeals for wheelchair for bed-ridden daughter



ZAKA- A Zaka woman is appealing for a wheel chair from well-wishers for her daughter, Faith Chikonodanda (8) who has a Hydrocephelus condition.
Sukutai Chikozho who is married and stays at Jerera Growth Point told The Mirror that her daughter’s head continues to get large as a result of the condition. The minor cannot do anything on her own.
The condition started when Faith was 4 months.
“She cannot sit, talk or eat on her own. I am appealing for a wheelchair from well-wishers so that I can move around with her whilst she sits on her own. I spend the whole day carrying her on my back,” she said.
Well-wishers can contact Chikozho on 0782 040 716 or alternatively The Mirror helpline on 0716989703/ 0775 691 380.

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