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Woman (21) appealing for US$300 for adaptive footwear

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Woman (21) appealing for US$300 for adaptive footwear


Trymore Tagwirei

MASVINGO- A 21-year-old woman from Chipinge is seeking donations of US$300 to purchase adaptive footwear.
Zvikomborero Pride Neshumba, who resides in Chagonda Village under Chief Mapungwana, had her feet amputated at a young age and requires specialized shoes to move around freely like any other person.
Without them, she is confined to one spot and must be carried when moving from place to place. The cost of the adaptive footwear is US$300, and Zvikomborero’s current pair has worn out since its acquisition in 2017.
She was orphaned after losing her mother and does not know her father; instead, she lives with Judith Moyana – her late mother’s twin sister. Moyana explained that because of mobility issues stemming from a lack of proper footwear, Zvikomborero was forced to drop out of school during fourth grade.
According to Moyana without the shoes, she can’t perform any duty at home and she can’t travel with others. As such, they are asking for assistance from governmental bodies as well as private donors willing to help.
Those interested in contributing may contact Judith Moyana directly at 0774365790 or reach out through The Mirror Helpline (0716895703/0775691380).

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