Witchcraft: man cuts off father’s finger, locks him away


MWENEZI – In a gruesome case of murder, Fainos Wanyara (49) of Gwati Village under Chief Neshuro in Mwenezi allegedly assaulted his father after accusing him of witchcraft and cut off his index finger before locking him away in a hut where he was found dead five days later.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the matter to Two Nations.

Murambiwa Wanyara was detained on Tuesday last week and found dead on Independence Day (April 18, 2021). It is suspected that he died from excessive bleeding.

Sources said that on Tuesday at around 11am, Fainos called his father to his homestead and accused him of witchcraft.

He started assaulting his father at around 7pm and then detained him in a round hut. He later went into the hut and cut off his father’s left index finger using a knife in a bid to force him to accept that he was a witch.

Later Fainos and his wife left home, leaving the father locked in the hut.

The deceased’s wife got worried about her husband’s whereabouts. She went to Fainos’ homestead where she found both away from home.

Fainos returned on Independence day and looked for a scotch cart to ferry the deceased’s body home. He alerted Amos Magomana (51) who reported the matter to ZRP Mwenezi.

Fainos was arrested. https://masvingomirror.com

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