Winter not here yet, brace for more rains – Met Department

Theresa Zibowa

Mirror reporter

Harare – The winter season is not yet officially here despite the sudden cold mornings and nights in the last two weeks. Instead people must brace for more rains, James Ngoma the head of Public Weather Service at the Meteorological Department has said.

He told The Mirror in an interview that winter is still far off and should be expected to start mid-May.

To the contrary the rain season is still around and Ngoma said Zimbabwe must brace for more thunderstorms and heavy rains and in Masvingo this should be from Tuesday next week.

“This coming Tuesday we are expecting more thunderstoms in Masvingo Province” said Ngoma.

He said that Zimbabwe’s dry spell from February to March that caused severe wilting of crops was caused by the large number of cyclones that affected Madagasca thereby pushing away rainfall conditions from Zimbabwe.

There are seven cyclones that disrupted rainfall patterns globally and they are Anna, Batsirai, Kenneth, Japheth, Belna, Gombe and Dineo.

Farmers should focus more on water harvesting to avert disasters caused by droughts.

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