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Who says soccer in Zimbabwe doesn’t pay… based on a true story!

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Who says soccer in Zimbabwe doesn’t pay… based on a true story!



A man called Donvant Moyo played great soccer.

What disarmed his opponents was his composure.

And in the heat of battle, he could think.

And there he was, in the upper field of the soccer pitch at Fletcher High School, in the presence of the fatherly figure of a Headmaster called Kajevu and a vociferous crowd, Donvant Moyo won possession of the ball in midfield, deceived and dribbled past two opponents, and volleyed a crispy pass to Tino Mabhonzo, and Tino Mabhonzo converted an easy goal.

And the crowd went wild with jubilation.

“Mudhara Mudhara,” the crowd yelled, for Donvant Moyo was affectionately nicknamed thus on account of his mature command and cool control of the game of soccer.

“Did you see how
he engineered it
all, that guy is a

The crowd praised him instead of Timmy Mabhonzo the goal scorer, for they could see that it was Mudhara Mudhara’s ingenuity that created the goal.

And Mudhara Mudhara ruled the roost, he being the craftsman of the game of soccer on account of his good workmanship, the captain who steered his team to capture, without fail, the prize Cup of victory.

And the fatherly figure of a Headmaster called Kajevu could not hide his glee. He leaned over to a Chemistry teacher called Tivaratnam and said:

“If that number
10 has the ball,
we are in
control “

And amid all the explosion of excitement, praise and adulation, Mudhara Mudhara maintained his chill.

He walked back to the centre starting point, with the measured strides of a king about to be crowned.

The game restarted and onother opportunity arose.

An attacking midfielder called Shepi stole the ball from the opponents, and Mudhara Mudhara, in his calm, cool and collected voice, urgently called for the ball;

“Shepi, Shepi!

And Shepi heard the captain and placed an accurate pass in the direction of Mudhara Mudhara’s sprint.

It was a bullet of a sure left footed shot that was aimed at the exteme left upright post from the Master of the game of soccer!

It can only be compared to the perfectly accurate aim of an Israeli trained assasin.

And the opponents ‘ goal keeper stood no chance. The ball from Mudhara Mudhara’ magical foot grazed the left upright post and bounced off into the net, as pre-planned, as pre-ordained by Mudhara Mudhara’s instinctive reflexes.

It’s a goal!

And Fletcher High School beat the opponents 2-0, and the crowd was ecstatic!

Game over!

The electric atmosphere notwithstanding, Mudhara Mudhara walked nonchalantly off the pitch, and the crowd smothered him, jumping, cheering and praising;


But a bold beautiful girl with impressive locomotion devices prised off the crowd and got to the soccer king.

She got hold of Mudhara Mudhara’s hand and led him towards Hanno Hostel, and the crowd parted in front of them like what the Red Sea did for Moses and the lsralites in biblical times.

And this is where this particular story ends.

Who says soccer in Zimbabwe doesn’t pay?

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