Whither Chibhorani music?

With Sekuru Taurai 

I have been trying to figure out if there is a musician in Chibhoraniland who would be good enough to make me leave the comfort of my home and give him or her my hard earned cash in order to listen to his or her music for a few hours. Please don’t lift your ears like shuromagen’a the rabbit. I will not divulge the results of my deliberation.

Anyway, what I will bravely say is that Chibhoraniland music is currently in limbo. I try to watch some music videos being played on various platforms but end up facing the other direction. What I see is far from the kind of music I can watch and dance to for a good part of the night. I can’ help being bored by watching the same dancing styles done by skinny young boys dressed in skintight pants and T-shirts doing similar moves including this dance that was popularized  by Macheso with various names that include museve, Borrowdale or chibhasikoro. Nothing new here as this was an old dance that was put on fast forward by increasing the speed. You will definitely see the scantily dressed young girls playing chipisi twisting and shoving their waists and hips in moves that are meant to leave the adult male specie salivating. We are beginning to witness some of these things even in Gospel music as musicians desperately try to get the attention of music lovers. 

Listening to the words of Chibhoraniland singers a lot of them sing about trivialities and come up with mostly love songs while we see them in their videos smooching with some allegedly beautiful woman or handsome man; not their own wives or husbands. I have nothing against love songs. But I believe that musicians are influential people who should include other serious social issues in their music. We need to hear them singing about child abuse, gender based violence, political violence, corruption, sexual abuse, different types of stigmatisation, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, good health, climate change and many others. Musicians touch the lives many, especially our youths who need to be guided and shown the way as they grow. They are in a strategic position to positively influence what people think and do. Let them therefore take their responsibility seriously and churn out music that builds families and communities without necessarily having to prioritise filling their pockets and rising to fame. Ndangoti ndizvitaure saSekuru Taurai.   

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