Where is the meat that talk?

By Sekuru Taurai

Chibhoraniland citizens are known for their love of meat. Come weekend or even on a daily basis you will see the men at different entertainment places and watering holes doing gochigochi or tchisa nyama or whatever you want to call it. There they will be joyfully imbibing intoxicating liquids and roasting, could be pork, beef, chicken or rabbit. However when you see them spreading and turning the tasty meat tantalizingly sizzling on the fire remember that their wives and children at home would most likely be eating sadza with vegetables and drinking water with some going to bed famished.

Anyway, talk about meat and you get me salivating as I reminisce and travel back to the good old days of ‘’Nyama inonaka inotaura yoga’’. This saying was from a Cold Storage Commission (CSC) beef advert that was often flighted in the media. Yes, you didn’t need a third party to tell how tasty tasty meat was.

 All you had to do was to take a bite of CSC tasty meat. The savanna plains and Mopani forests including the remotest villages of Chibhoraniland were then home to herds and herds of fat beef cattle. These reliable beef sources fed CSC abattoirs from where butcheries were well stocked while most of the best meat was flown to European countries to bring in much needed forex. Pinch my hand to wake me from my reverie and I will be back to the stark reality of little beef that I can’t afford in Chibhoraniland butcheries.

The Cold Storage Company of Chibhoraniland is nothing but a shadow of its predecessor. Many cattle ranches that used to teem with countless cattle are now empty with some being turned into resettlement villages. A lot of rural farmers have used poles from their cattle kraals for firewood as their herds were decimated by diseases. Consequently the CS Company premises also stood empty and are now leased to anyone who needs business or office space. No meat that talks from there, no employment and no forex. What we are hearing are numerous promises of revival that are taking too long to be fulfilled. Let’s put our heads together and find solutions to these problems. 

Well stocked ranches and village kraals should be part of our Vision 2030 where we will find all of us eating affordable beef with a lot to export to other countries for the much needed forex. Come weekend there is no gochigochi to go to for your Sekuru Taurai because there is no gochigochi as there is no tasty beef that talks.

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