Where is the maternity dress?

Gone are the good old days when heavily pregnant women would head for the clothes shop to buy maternity dresses. You see by that time their usual dresses would not fit because of their bulging tummies that would be containing the precious cargo of unborn babies. Those of little means would have kept their maternity dresses from the previous pregnancy as they would have worn them for a few months.

It was quite a beautiful sight to see pregnant women walking slowly with their maternity dresses looking like they are oversized and swaying from side to side. Come to the present time in Chibhoraniland and it would seem that the maternity dress has been
relegated to the dustbin. Of course you will still see pregnant women around, including some pregnant girls as well.

But you will not see most of them putting on a maternity dress. I hear you can still get maternity dresses in clothes shops but you will see
the pregnant woman of today putting on her skin tight pants and a blouse or even T-shirt.

There she goes her tummy looking like a balloon full of air. For some you can even notice the navel protruding. Of course times change and so does the way people dress. Here is it more of fashion changes or of the current trend where women want to
bring out their body curves through skin tight clothing?

Today women love to display every curve of their bodies in order to be curvaceous. It remains to be seen whether some of these changes are appropriate or not. Ndangoti ndizvitaure. https://masvingomirror.com

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