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Wheelchair bound musician joins fight against drugs

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Wheelchair bound musician joins fight against drugs



CHIREDZI – Bothwell Mahachi (23), a wheelchair bound musician living in Ward 4, the most drug infested area in Chiredzi has joined the fight against drugs.
He composed a single called Siya Mutoriro. Mutoriro is one of the most abused drugs in the country. He however, is looking for money to record the song and is reaching out to people by playing the song at gatherings.
“I wrote the song after realizing that many young people in my ward are abusing drugs. The song is for awareness,” said Mahachi.
Mahachi who was born with both legs and hands impaired.
“My hope is for my music to reach many youth so that they see the dangers of drung abuse,” said Mahachi.
Mahachi was born in Chiredzi and did his primary and secondary education at Jairos Jiri in Harare. Apart from writing songs, he is also an artist who does fine art but however all of this is not providing him with income due to lack of exposure.
“I am also an artist, I do fine art but the biggest challenge is that I have nowhere to showcase my drawings and I do not have enough equipment for drawing,” said Mahachi.

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