What has happened to Rev Tititi Moyo?

Mystery surrounds the death and secret burial of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide founder


MASVINGO – Prominent Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide Revelation (CACWR) founder and Kwekwe businessman, Right Reverend Munjodzi Isaac Tititi Moyo (85) is understood to be dead but what is baffling according to sources is that his demise is being kept a secret from the public and church members.

Also puzzling are allegations that although Rev Moyo stayed in Kwekwe, he was secretly buried by just about nine members of the family in a concrete reinforced grave at the Lawn  Cemetery in Masvingo on July 11, 2022.

The Mirror is reliably informed that Tititi died on July 7, 2022, but church members who talked to reporters in interviews are saying that he is busy with other things hence he is not coming to church.

The Mirror also established that Tititi’s body was taken to  Farley Parlour in downtown Masvingo and buried in a US$1 600 casket. 

Rev Moyo had a farm close to President Mnangagwa’s Precab Farm in Kwekwe and several properties in the same city including Border Town Complex popularly known as BTC in Kwekwe. His church is said to have a following of 20 000 people locally and internationally.

A source said that Rev Moyo died outside Masvingo Provincial Hospital on July 7, 2022, after being taken there by relatives but also baffling is why he had to be taken 240km to Masvingo for medical attention leaving Kwekwe and Gweru Provincial Hospitals which are not only bigger but are near his home. 

Equally baffling is that a senior official at Masvingo Hospital could not find any records relating to the death of Rev Tititi Moyo although death confirmation papers indicate that they were signed for by Dr Simbarashe Jena who is at the hospital.

The Mirror called Rev Moyo’s daughter Letina Munamato Undenge who is married to former Energy Minister Samuel Undenge but she said the number was wrong. The Mirror went on to check the number on a mobile money transfer platform, and it emerged that the number was actually in her name.

“Who do you want to talk to? This is not her number,” said the person who answered the number. 

Rev Moyo’s wife Mable Tititi nee Nhende could not be reached for comment as her mobile phone went unanswered. 

Masvingo CID took a keen interest on the matter when Mirror reporters called the provincial spokesperson for a comment. The Mirror is told that Police has already taken away some documents from Masvingo Hospital related to the case.

 Police Spokesperson Kudakwashe Dhewa said a postmortem can be waived by the police if there are satisfied that there was no foul play or if family members produce medical records that shows the deceased has been ill for a long time. 

He, however, went on to say the police have developed a keen interest in the matter and are going to launch an investigation. 

Several church members who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity expressed ignorance at the death and insisted that the leader was still alive.

They however, said he has been conspicuous by his absence including at the important Church Passover held from August 5 to 9, 2022.

The Mirror called several family members and most of those in the close circle of the Bishop were not answering their calls. Others were evasive and would interrogate the reporter on why they wanted to talk to the Bishop.

The Mirror managed to talked Admire Nhende a nephew to the deceased who said the Reverend is away on business but will be back very soon. “You cannot talk to the Reverend because he is away on business,” said Nhende.

There are conspiracy theories that Bishop Moyo could have been murdered and he was taken to hospital after he died. There are also allegations that he has been of late distributing his properties including undeveloped residential stands and this did not please people who considered themselves heirs to his estate.

It is said that at around 3 am on July 7, 2022, top of the range vehicles sped out of his residence at number 10 Cardinal Close, Beverly hills in Kwekwe, and headed to an unknown destination.

The same cars, however, emerged at Masvingo Provincial Hospital at 7:47pm and before hospital staff could whisk Rev Moyo out of the car, his relatives told them that he was already dead. Records indicate that Dr Jena confirmed the death and Constable Chingwena of the Zimbabwe republic Police (ZRP) waived the post-mortem.

However, Masvingo Provincial Hospital spokesperson Chioniso Gono said there were no death records of Rev Moyo at the hospital and there is no evidence that he was taken to the hospital mortuary.

The cause of death was stated as Cervical myelopathy. Cervical myelopathy is a result of compression of the spinal cord in the neck. The condition can only be attended to by a neurosurgeon and currently, there are seven neurosurgeons in the country, six based in Harare and one in Bulawayo.

Sources said Dr Jena did not have a chance to see the patient as the body was quickly whisked to a funeral parlour. According to documents obtained by The Mirror the scene was attended by Constable Chingwena (Force number 079295V) based at the hospital police post who labelled the body and waivered the post-mortem saying no foul play was suspected.

Comments from Dr Jena could not be obtained as his number went unanswered.

The hospital’s Public Relations Officer Chioniso Gono said the patient or the body was never booked in the hospital records. “I checked all the records on the hospital records and that person is not in our records. So we cannot comment on that issue,” said Gono.  

Rev Moyo’s body was taken to Farley Funeral Home in Masvingo. Investigations by The Mirror revealed that the burial order was allegedly processed by Letina Munamato (Burial Order number 263/22) on July 8, 2022.

Further investigations by The Mirror led them to an unmarked grave at Lawn Cemetery. It also revealed that the grave was bought from Masvingo City Council (Receipt number 011740) and is Grave number 773.

The funeral was allegedly attended by his wife Mable, his five daughters, Mercy, Letina, Oppah and the UK-based duo of Miriam and Moreblessing, former minister Undenge and two other male relatives. 

“The way this grave was constructed showed that even if an exhumation is enforced by the court, it will be difficult to do that. They would need an excavator because it was filled with concrete and there was a reinforcement of steel bars,” said the sources. 

“We are surprised that close family members or the wife to the church’s founder only told us that he is busy with something else. If it’s true that he died why are they hiding? We want to celebrate the life of our prophet.

“Mudzidzi Wimbo’s life was celebrated, so was TB Joshua and many others. Why our leader’s funeral is being kept a secret,” said the source. 

Another church elder told The Mirror that the church leader’s number is now being answered by his wife who is always telling them that he is busy.

“We can’t access him on the phone. If you phone; its answered by his wife who would say he is busy or he will get back to you. It has been a month now and we are in the dark,” said the church leader. 

Moyo’s church has branches in Kwekwe, Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare, Plumtree, Gweru, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, UK and Belgium. In Masvingo church members congregate at Ndarama High School.

Rev Moyo worked for Bulawayo City Council for 37 years as a housing administrator. He had a fleet of haulage trucks and top of the range vehicles. 

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