Well done Masvingo Police but common sense……

Masvingo is one of those towns in the country where social distancing during the current 21-day lockdown has been fairly and consistently adhered to, thanks to a large extent to the men and women of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.
There is no doubt that Masvingo ZRP has throughout the lockdown meant serious business hence the CBD has been clear of the usual hustle and bustle of human movement. The same applied to the shopping centres in the high and low density suburbs.
A fair comment on the lockdown situation in Masvingo is that Assistant Commissioner Taonei Nyazema and his team are on top of the situation. The situation in Masvingo is far better than what we hear of the Midlands Police with their Officer Commanding Commissioner Moses Magandi.
However, the sterling work in Masvingo almost went to waste sadly due to Police details found at the roadblocks. They lacked common sense, they were overzealous and they used their new gotten power with unnecessary excitement. We repeat there is no common sense.
One of the most astounding stories of the roadblock is that a chief medical laboratory scientist was once detained at a roadblock in Masvingo. Here is a man or woman who is at the centre of all medical tests in the province including the very Coronavirus which we are fighting and he or she had to wait for an hour before being allowed to proceed to hospital.
This is shooting oneself in the foot; it is like removing Messi from the team when he is at his peak and the game is a cup final. Clear lack of common sense!
We also saw at one time the Mayor of the City, His Worship Collen Maboke receiving a barrage of questions and being asked to turn back. For God’s sake Police officers, this man is the Father of the City. The Covid-19 problems as far as Masvingo City is concerned are all on his shoulders.
You have no business asking him these little questions like where are you going, what are you going to do there, what time are you coming back and where is your wife? Oh gosh. The Mayor like any other Mayor in the World deserves better respect than that.
There are nurses and other medical professions. Oh Police! Common sense, common sense, common sense! Why do you keep a nurse waiting at a roadblock?
I am sure had this paper not firmly highlighted some of these issues, the next thing is that the officers were going to detain even ambulances with critical patients at the roadblocks. Indeed this is not farfetched because at one time the officers were shutting down pharmacies.
Then of course there are people going to hospitals with medical cards to show, there are pregnant women, there are people facing jail and they are going to court. Please respect those issues. Life will not stop with Corona Virus but obviously. We must balance the lockdown with basic human needs.
Then there are the elderly; 70, 80, 90 years why torment them at the roadblock? You surely think an 86-year-old man or woman can get into town for fanfare. They are serious matters calling them.
We repeat again that lockdown also requires common sense. We will cause more damage in this Covid-19 war if we lose our common sense. More common sense please there at the roadblocks.
Then there are journalists, the life blood of the war against Covid-19, the suppliers of information and linchpin between the people and administrators including Police. Why bar them from carrying out their duties?
Overall however, Masvingo Police has done a sterling job, just add common sense and you are spot on!#MasvingoMirror#

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