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Weight sells out man as he tries to rape neighbour’s wife

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Weight sells out man as he tries to rape neighbour’s wife


Nyasha Musambasi

Chivhu – A man from Chikomba District nearly succeeded in raping a neighbour’s wife (21) had the woman not felt the heavy weight of the intruder compared to her husband.

Taurai Tambidzai (37) of Mukandatsama Village in Hokonya in Chikomba sneaked into his neighbour’s bedroom at around 3am. He undressed, got into bed and caressed the complainant who co-operated believing that the man was her husband.

It was only after he went on top of the complainant to start the act that the woman realised that the man weighed far more than her husband and pushed him away.

The incident happened on October 30, 2020 at Magamba Village 8.

Tambudzai was sentenced to 10 years in jail by Chivhu regional magistrate Fadzai Mutombeni on Friday for attempted rape and four years were suspended for five years.

The State said Tambudzai made sure the husband was away after buying him some beers and leaving him behind at a local business centre before rushing to his neighbour’s house.

He entered the bedroom and undressed while the complainant lay in bed naked believing that it was her husband. Tambudzai sneaked into the blankets and caressed the neighbour’s wife who responded.

However, the cat came out of the bag when Tambidzai went on top of the woman.

There was a scuffle as Tambudzai tried to continue to force himself on the complainant. The complainant escaped and ran outside naked while calling out for help. Tambudzai ran away with his shoes in his hands.

Mutombeni said the rape case was premeditated considering that Tambudzai planned the husband’s absence from home. She also noted that the accused was violent as he tried to rape the complainant and he even throttled her neck.

Tambudzai’s wife caused a scene outside the courtroom when she wailed out loudly soon after her husband’s heavy sentence.

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