Wedza RDC gets RTGS$146m devolution funds


WEDZA – Wedza Rural District Council (RDC) which has been allocated RTGS$146 148 000 under the Devolution Funds is using the money to construct eight different clinics, Chipinge Times has been told.

Wedza RDC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jeremia Bako said in an interview that the funds will mainly be used for the construction of clinics and other health infrastructure.

“We have channelled most of the funds towards the construction of clinics to ensure that villagers have access to health facilities. Villagers in Wedza are currently walking long distances to the nearest clinic.

“The district is also malaria infested, especially Wedza South where the climate is harsher than the other parts of the district, so improving the health sector is our priority,” said Bako.

Wedza RDC chairman Philip Negombwe who also spoke to Chipinge Times said the district has limited health facilities, forcing villagers including pregnant women to walk long distances to clinics.

The eight clinics which are under construction are Chirume in Ward 1, Chineyi in Ward 5, St Joseph Munzverengi Ward 7, Hanje Ward 8, Muonde Ward 9, Chinyonga Ward 10, Madzimbabwe Ward 10 and Tilita Ward 3.

The local authority is also constructing classroom blocks at four Wedza schools among other projects using the 2021 Devolution Funds.

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