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Water woes hits Kwekwe 

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Water woes hits Kwekwe 




KWEKWE – Mud has clogged City of Kwekwe filter beds making it difficult for the local authority to pump and supply water to its residents.

Kwekwe Mayor, Albert Zinhanga told The Mirror in an interview that the rainy season has caused mud to accumulate and clog filter beds.

A filter bed is a tank or pond containing a layer of sand or gravel for filtering large quantities of liquid. 

Zinhanga also attributed the city’s water woes to incessant power cuts by the national power utility company, Zesa.

“As a local authority, we are grappling with water challenges following a number of shortcomings. We are currently experiencing long power cuts at our pumping station. When we resume water pumping after having been switched off by Zesa, it takes three to four hours for water to reach most places and this has been going on for quite some time,” said Zinhanga. 

He also said that the mud is causing pipe bursts and the local authority will soon begin rationing water.

Kwekwe City Council also supplies water to Redcliff Municipality.

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