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Watchman launches Chiredzi anti-drug tournament

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Watchman launches Chiredzi anti-drug tournament


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CHIREDZI – The Watchman, a Chiredzi based security services company has launched an annual soccer tournament pitting youth and social soccer clubs to raise awareness on drug and substance abuse.

The inaugural tournament was held last weekend. Ten Chiredzi social soccer teams including Shooting Stars FC, All Stars FC, Chiredzi Stars FC, Chitsanga FC, George Mario FC, Joiner City FC and Rubber Stopper FC competed.

Rubbers Stoppers won the tournament and received a kit and trophy courtesy of the security company.

The company’s Public Relations manager Austin Chauke said the tournament is designed to combat the challenge of drug and substance abuse that is on the rise in the district.

“We want to provide an opportunity to youth to escape the anxiety and worries of life and focus on something positive. We chose soccer because it is the most popular sport.

“The tournament will be held annually and our aim is to raise awareness about drug and substance abuse and encourage youth to make healthy choices,” said Chauke.

Representatives from the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Emmanuel Hospital among other stakeholders attended the tournament.

Participants were educated on the dangers of drug and substance abuse before every game.

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