War Victims Compensation Act review imminent – Kashiri


HARARE – The War Victims Compensation Act will be reviewed in the shortest possible time, the Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri has said.
She said compensation under the fund is currently done on a “one size fits all basis” where victims get the same paltry amount regardless of the extent of injuries.
Kashiri said this is one of the areas that has been causing problems and needed urgent review.
She also acknowledged that at RTGS$3 000 the monthly allowances that war victims are getting are too little and the issue is being addressed as a matter of urgency.
She also said that there was a wrong perception that compensation was just for the war veterans.
“This is the Second Republic and we are relooking at all these things. War compensation is not just for the war veterans, it is for everyone, civilians, whites, soldiers on the other side, anyone injured as a result of the war,” said Kashiri.
Kashiri told The Mirror that an inter-ministerial committee will soon be set up to deal with all outstanding compensation issues and said that a commissioner on war Victims Compensation, Ms Dumbarimwe has since been appointed.
“We have Ms Dumbarimwe who has been appointed commissioner but unfortunately she is just on her own. She has no staff, no office and we need to equip her as soon as possible and on Monday I will be engaging President Mnangagwa over the issue.
“The inter-ministerial committee on compensation will include the ministries of Health, Finance, Social Welfare and Defence. Victims will be assessed so that they are given the correct compensation,” said Kashiri.

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