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Visually impaired (13) appeals for US$300 for surgery 

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Visually impaired (13) appeals for US$300 for surgery 


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MASVINGO – A 13 year-old visually impaired girl doing grade 4 at M. Hugo School of the Blind is appealing for US$300 to get a scan so that she could undergo surgery.

Unity Mapungwana got blind when she was in Grade 2 and now she is having severe headaches and the suspicion from health experts is that she might have developed a brain tumor which requires urgent attention.

Unity from Mabeure Village under Chief Mapungwana in Chipinge turned blind in 2018 forcing her to drop out of school.

Unity’s mother Netsai Hlatywayo said the girl wants to go for a scan in Gweru and she and her husband Willis Mapungwana are failing to raise the money.

Unity joined M. Hugo after becoming blind and she started to have severe headaches in 2020 and now the doctors need a scan.

Well-wishers can contact Hlatswayo on 0786702903 or her sister Viola Kambeni on 0773 361 472.

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