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Village headship, a business in Chibhoraniland

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Village headship, a business in Chibhoraniland



The other beautiful day our village chibhorani broke down and failed to give us the most precious liquid in the world. Never ever say that we the so called poor of the poor, even here kuno kumachonyonyo, are so poor that we never have access to commodities that are precious and even priceless. We do have water the most precious liquid in the world, more precious than oil even, and we use it every day. So we are rich indeed in that regard. Unfortunately on this day the chibhorani could not pull up the water out of the belly of Mother Earth. 

So what happens next? Sabhuku the village head decides to make a killing out of this sad scenario. He does not waste time and sends a decree to all villagers that every adult who drinks water should pay a hefty sum of US $2.00 in order to get the chibhorani repaired. However according to the village chibhorani caretaker all that was needed was a single bolt that had broken due to wear and tear. Although this fact was brought to the attention of the sabhuku he still insisted on the payment he had promulgated saying that he will keep the money in case of any chibhorani breakdowns, much to the chagrin of his fellow villagers. Of course he said that all adults of his own homestead are also going to pay but we knew that that was not going to happen. We also knew that the money will never ever be used for chibhorani repairs because we had already given sabhuku the nickname of VaMaskuzi because of the excuses he always gives.

This is just one example of how some Chibhoraniland traditional leaders are milking their own people. A traditional leader is there to ensure the welfare people under his or her jurisdiction including even those coming from outside. However we are beholding a crop of traditional leaders who are bent on lining their pockets at the expense of their subjects. Because of this greed we are witnessing a lot of longstanding headmanship and chieftainship wrangles that are resulting in people of the same families fighting each other tooth and nail. Right now there are so many unresolved chieftainship wrangles that have been going on for so long. We deserve a traditional leadership that is committed, transparent and loving. A leadership that exudes our traditional philosophy of hunhu/ubuntu.  

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