Village head spends 13 years pestering widow for sex


Masvingo Rural – Johnson Rangwani (40), a village head in Dumbu Village in Garati under Chief Mugabe has been dragged to court for allegedly pestering a widow over the last 13 years for sex.

Rangwani faces another case of obstructing justice and will appear before Chief Mugabe on Saturday.

The complainant in the case is Rosemary Shumbashava (49) and she says that Rangwani has been asking for sexual favours from her since 2007 when her husband died.

Rangwani allegedly told her that she will be protected in the village if she slept with him and she will also receive special treatment on welfare and other donor goods given to villagers. She will also get powers to deal with anyone who crosses her path provided she drops her pants to the village head, said Shumbashava.

Shumbashava who had been adamant all these years said she has reached the end of the tether as the Rangwani is now victimising her for refusing to give in.

“He insults me in public, accuses me of being a witch and threatens to kick me out of the village. My name is removed from all social welfare lists of beneficiaries even though I am deserving as a widow. I have immensely suffered from refusing to sleep with this man,” said Shumbashava.

In the second matter there was a case in the village in which one Hazvina Chireva (88) was allegeldy assaulted and severely injured by Marvelous Gumbo after her cattle allegedly strayed into the latter’s fields. Chireva reported the assault to Police and was given a letter to get medical evidence from hospital.

After getting a report from hospital Rangwani allegedly stopped Gumbo from proceeding with the case thereby obstructing the course of justice.

Camera Mugabe a member of the village committee confirmed the cases to The Mirror.

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