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Vendors will be removed from the streets – Coltart

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Vendors will be removed from the streets – Coltart



BULAWAYO – The new Bulawayo mayor while acknowledging high unemployment rate in the country has said vendors will have to be removed from the streets to create order and to make the city investor attractive.
He said that there will be orderly removal of vendors from the streets and alternative trading places allocated because council acknowledges that these are people making a living and looking after families.
He however, noted that many vendors are aligned to Zanu PF and they are renting from bay barons who are doing business illegally in the town.
“What we see in the city is a breakdown of law and order but having said that a lot of the vendors themselves are unemployed people and they rely on selling fruits, vegetables and other wares to sustain themselves so we cannot just go with a bulldozer and move them out.
“We have to provide them with viable alternatives where they can ideally work in a better environment than before.
“Once we do that we need to enforce our bylaws. Our bylaws are very clear .Our bylaws state that vendors only need to do their vending activities once they are licensed by council and to conduct their businesses from registered vending bays.
“That is not happening at present. What I am told is that a lot of vendors are at unauthorized places and are paying rentals to so called bay barons and that has to stop but it’s a carrot and stick policy,” said Coltart

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