Vasikana Vezhira (UK) donates 148 blankets to Ngomahuru

Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – Vasikana Vezhira, a group of 35 women from Masvingo who are based in the UK have once again extended their generous hand to the needy at Ngomahuru Psychiatric Hospital by donating a consignment of 148 blankets.

The blankets were handed over to the hospital superintendent, Dr Parerenyatwa Maramba by Mirror consultant Matthew Takaona at a brief ceremony yesterday afternoon.

Speaking at the ceremony, Takaona said he was an emissary of Vasikana Vezhira chairperson, Last Mafuba who sent him with the third consignment of donations to the hospital in the last 12 months.

Takaona told the small gathering that Vasikana Vezhira are aware of the myriad of problems faced by Ngomahuru, one of them which is the critical shortage of blankets for the institution’s 170 inmates.

“Mafuba has sent me to deliver this consignment after her group looked into various problems faced by the hospital. The blankets were supposed to come before winter but there were serious problems in procuring and bringing them from South Africa under the Covid travel ban. All the same the blankets are here and Vasikana veZhira are very excited.

“The special message from them is that they care and they have you in their hearts. They also think of the staff at Ngomahuru and the great work that you do. Vasikana Vezhira will always support this institution,” said Takaona.
Dr Maramba said the consignment of blankets brought great relief to the institution. He said that the shortages were dire and they still need more blankets.

He thanked Vasikana Vezhira and said they have become part of the institution.

Vasikana Vezhira donated groceries sometime last year and then several tones of meal mealie this year following reports by The Mirror of inhuman living conditions at the institution caused by shortage of resources.

Ngomahuru Social Worker, Minish Manjengwa said the institution had nothing to thank Vasikana Vezhira with. He said their thank you can only come from the Lord Almighty whose people they have spared a thought for.
Takaona was accompanied to the handover ceremony by Mirror Administrator Trevor Nyagura who co-ordinated the donations and the marketing executive Tawanda Homba who did the logistics.

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