Vanguard wins JZ soccer tournament

Sharon Nyaya

Mberengwa reporter

Mberengwa – Vanguard boozers football team has won an eight team knockout tournament held at Vanguard Mine two weeks ago.

The winning team walked away with a trophy plus US$50 prize money in a tournament sponsored by JZ Foundation.

The finalist team was Bvute, the third team in the competition was Mabhuru while the forth was Wanezi Village 9.

The full list of the eight teams that participated in the tournament is York Football Club, Bvute, J West, Rupange, Vanguard, Mabhuru, Jeka and Wanezi Village 9.

Wanezi Village knocked out Jeka in a penalty shootout in the first round (4-3), Vanguard threw out J West 4-1 in the same round, Mabhuru won 3-1 against York and the last game in the knockouts was between Bvute and Rupange which the former won 3-2 after penalty shootouts.

In the semi-finals Vanguard knocked out Wanezi Village 9 by 2-0 and Bvute won 1-0 against Mabhuru.

In the finals Vanguard won 1-0 against Bvute.

The number two team got US$30; number three walked away with US$20 and number four got US$10.

JZ Foundation founder, Justice Zvandasara graced the event.

The foundation also sponsors a soccer league that has 12 teams and a netball league with nine teams from all over Mberengwa District.

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