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VAMDET donates to 3 Munyikwa clinics

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VAMDET donates to 3 Munyikwa clinics


Trymore Tagwirei

GUTU – Vanobva KwaMunyikwa Development Trust (Vamdet) on Friday donated diesel, surgical gloves, taped buckets and tissues to three clinics within the Munyikwa community. The clinics are Munyikwa, Chepiri and Muchekayaora.
Vamdet founder and secretary Watson Chatiza confirmed the donation to The Mirror. He said they donated to curb the spread of cholera.
“We donated 20 taped buckets, 100 litres of diesel, 100 gloves and 50×50 toilet paper to the clinics. As you know cholera cases are increasing in the Munyikwa area. We hope to do more to assist the community in fighting cholera. We appeal to all local businesspeople to help Vamdet fight cholera,” he said.
He said their primary target is to increase donations to Munyikwa Clinic which has recorded more cholera cases.
Vamdet is a charity organization formed in May 2006 to help underprivileged people in the Munyikwa area.

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