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UZ’s Professor Chivore dies

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UZ’s Professor Chivore dies


Ellen Mlambo


MASVINGO – Professor Boniface Samuel Chivore (72), a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and an architect of mass training for teachers through programmes like ZINTEC at independence is no more. 

He died in an ambulance as he was being ferried from his farm at Chipinda Resettlement near Mbungo to Makurira Clinic in Masvingo on Sunday afternoon.

UZ Vice Chancellor, Professor Paul Mapfumo confirmed the death to The Mirror and described it as a huge loss to education and in particular teacher training programmes as he was involved with all teachers’ colleges linked to UZ.

His son Vunganai Chivore said mourners are gathered at the deceased’s farm at Chipinda. 

Burial arrangements are yet to be confirmed to allow the deceased’s children to travel from abroad although it is most likely to be end of this week. The family has sought hero status for Chivore who played a role in the struggle for independence as a youth from 1965.

Prof Chivore joined UZ in 1985 and in 1993 he became a professor. He held various positions at the University including that of acting chairman of the Department of Teacher Education, chairman M.ED Curriculum Evaluation, Editor Zimbabwe Bulletin Teacher Education.

“This is a big loss. It is a very long road to build an academic. The accumulated experience and knowledge that comes with a Professor is irreplaceable; it means loss of institutional memory, loss of expertise in particular strand of an area of development in terms of skill and knowledge. In this case it is in the area of education, that is teacher education as well as curriculum development and distance education.

“These are areas that Prof Chivore was very good at. He was responsible for the teacher education programme and he has worked with the teachers’ colleges that you see in the country so we lose a lot in terms of capacity as well as the thinking as we are shaping now our education sector in the country; we were drawing on his expertise. Of course there were young ones coming but they were being mentored by the likes of Prof Chivore. 

“He was now a post-retiree but once a professor always a professor,” said Prof Mapfumo.

Prof Chivore did 43 consultancy work on various areas, mostly on education sector and had over 100 publications. He did a number of books and articles reviews.  

He was born at Jichidza in Zaka. He did his primary and secondary education at Jichidza Primary and Zimuto High respectively. He left for the UK and came back to Zimbabwe just after independence. He worked for the Ministry of Higher Education before joining UZ.

Whilst in UK, he also trained as a nurse.   

“Prof Chivore was a dedicated, selfless cadre who contributed immensely to the liberation struggle. During his stay in the UK, he was an active member of ZANU PF UK branch where he was the chairman and contributed in resource mobilisation,” said Vunganai. 

During the Lancaster House negotiations, Chivore housed and hosted ZANU luminaries. At Independence, he initiated the opening of Morgan ZINTEC Teachers training programme which trained thousands of teachers to cater for the Government’s programme of education for all.

“Masvingo and the province at large have lost a seasoned, renowned, principled and dedicated nationalist,” added Vunganai.

He is survived by seven children, two daughters and five sons and 14 grandchildren.     

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