UZ attachee steals $91 000 from employer

Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – A University of Zimbabwe student on attachment Tatenda Manhimanzi (22) has been slapped with a 1-year-jail-term after she was found guilty of stealing 53 Netone Social Welfare lines deposited with $1 700 each.

The State said Manhimanzi was a UZ student on attachment at the Department of Social Development at Chipinge offices under the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare where she worked as a receptionist.

The accused then stole the Netone lines which were meant for the less privileged. She transferred the money from the 53 lines to people who would give her back the money as cash.

The total amount that she transferred was $90 100 and the value of the 53 lines was $1 325 bringing the total stolen to $91 425.

Manhimanzi who was represented by Tsungisayi Madzivaidze of Gonese and Ndlovu Legal Practitioners was found guilty by Franklin Mkwananzi and given 12 months in prison.

 Four months of the sentence were suspended on condition of good behavior and a further four months were suspended on condition that she performs 140 hours community service at Madziwa Primary. The remaining four months were suspended on condition that she restitutes the complainant the sum of $91 425 through the clerk of court on or before June 30, this year.

The complainant is the Ministry of Social Welfare represented by Raphael Zongoro.

Prosecutor Thulani Zondwayo said between October 21 last year and April 13 this year, Manhimanzi who is a third-year student doing Social Work Program took 53 Netone lines which were registered on netone mobile money (One wallet) and was trust property from Ministry of Labour, Social Welfare Manicaland office. The lines were to be handed over to the less privileged.

On May 4, Detective Sergeant Antonio received information that the accused stole some lines and transferred $78 200 from 46 lines into Gladys Sithole’s Netone number 0715 800 404 who was among the beneficiaries.

Sithole then transferred the amount to James Mudimu’s Netone number 0713 184 920 in batches who gave her cash.

Manhimanzi further transferred $2 850 to Tinashe Sithole’s Netone number 0714606677 and she got cash from him.

She made a third transaction of $7 400 into Mudimu’s line 0713 184 920 and received cash from him.

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