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Utsinda College celebrates Africa Day with community

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Utsinda College celebrates Africa Day with community


Trymore Tagwirei
Mirror Reporter

MASVINGO-Utsinda Christian College marked Africa Day commemorations by inviting traditional leaders to lecture students on Ubuntu and instil African values in them.
The commemorations were held on Thursday at the college just outside Mpandawana Growth Point along the Gutu-Buhera Road.
Headman Gadzingo, Ward 8 Councillor Lazarus Hute, Village Head Makanda, Village Head Tambire and Village Head Tatira attended the commemorations.
Headman Gadzingo urged students to value their culture and not copy foreign cultures as homosexuality and skin bleaching.
“You must be enriched with our values and African culture. Girls don’t copy what you see in Britain, where a woman can marry a woman. Our culture is against such practices. We encourage you to respect your elders.
“You must be proud of your skin because God created us in that colour. He knows that the colour is strong to the climate conditions in Africa. So girls, don’t bleach your skin because black is beautiful,” said Headman Gadzingo.
Utsinda Principal Komborero Albert Maramba said they will make it an annual event to invite community leaders to lecture students on Africa Day.
“We are pleased because the custodians of culture and land owners came and lectured us on the importance of our cultural values as Africans. We want to make it an annual event,” said Maramba’.
Africa Day is commemorated annually on May 25. It is held to celebrate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, which was created on May 25, 1963, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Village Head Makanda urged students to not judge their elders and respect them.
“We are Africans, and I urge all students to resist neo-colonization by borrowing Western cultures. As students, you must respect your parents because they are your elders. We want Ubuntu to be restored on you, and that will help you to overcome problems such as drug abuse because African culture will guide you,’’ he said

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