US$2 400 Palesa pads for Chiguhune schools

GUTU – Some 30 former Chiguhune High students in Gutu have come together and donated US$2 400 worth of reusable Palesa pads to 350 girls at three schools in their area.
The donations were made to Chiguhune High, Chiguhune Primary and Gwiranenzara Primary Schools at a function attended by The Mirror on Saturday.
The recipients got three pads each and the schools also got reserve stocks for emergencies.
The function was attended by girls from the three schools, their teachers and representatives of the former students. Saul Machingauta who is base in South Africa initiated the project.
Speaking at the function, Cephas Muzhingi who co-ordinated the group said as former students, they realised the plight of the girl child after hearing presentations made to them by teachers. The girl child sometimes failed to go to school because of menstruation or they were distracted during lessons and sports when periods start suddenly.
Another student representative Spiwe Machingauta said former students were determined to continue supporting the three schools as a way of giving back and acknowledging the contribution that the learning institutions made in their lives.
The group will mobilise more former students for school projects including pupils who are still in those schools.
Chiguhune High deputy head Samuel Gara said it was God’s act that the former students found the three schools in their thoughts. The schools are stuck with little resources and pupils almost failed to sit for their final exams last year because parents could not afford masks and sanitisers until the former students came their way.
“As a school we are humbled by the initiative. It is God’s intervention that you have come. Your gesture also serves as a great inspiration to the pupils,” said Gara.
Chiguhune High Guidance and Counselling lady, Conilia Rukasha said that donation will go a long way in empowering the girl child.
“This initiative lifts up the girl child’s self-esteem. With these pads they will not lose their confidence during mensuration,” said Rukasha.
Gwiranenzara Primary School teacher, Rosemary Makumbe said it has always been their yearning to get better sanitary pads supply for the girls.
Chiguhune Primary School teacher, Anna Deka said female teachers have always been faced with the financial burden of supplying pupils with pads when menstrual periods suddenly come.
Some of the representatives of the students who attended the ceremony are Memory Machingauta, Ruzai, Tatenda Chando, P Machingauta Dombo, Lazarus Chimwe and Leonard Chihovo.

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