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Urban schools thumped in district athletics competitions

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Urban schools thumped in district athletics competitions


Ancilla Gotore


MASVINGO – Masvingo urban schools played second fiddle in the district zonal athletics competitions held at Victoria High School on Friday.

Normally urban schools dominate rural schools in athletics competitions but in the Masvingo District NASH athletics competitions, the Urban schools of Ndarama, Masvingo Christian, Mucheke, M. Hugo, Victoria, Zimuto, Makanaka and Vision Academy which are Zone B came third.

There are 63 secondary schools in Masvingo District and these are grouped into 10 zones. The positions in the competitions are determined by the number of gold medals only and the best athletes will form a team that will compete in the Provincial competitions to be held at Mwenezi Government High School on March 2 and 3, 2023.

Zone E schools under Chief Nyajena in Masvingo Rural were the toast of the day as they lifted the trophy with the highest number of points. The schools in Zone E are Tugwane, Nyabata, Mudarikwa, Madzivanyika and Maweza.

Zone C schools from Chief Charumbira’s area comprising Chirichoga, Ruvhure and Morgenster came second with 16 gold, eight silver and eight bronze medals.

The Head In Charge of Athletics Masvingo District, Kura Chizimba confirmed the results and said this was the first time that the competitions were being held in three years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Outstanding athletes were two girls, Tatenda Firei(U17), Laiza Chikwetu(U20) and a boy, Simbilisio Gezani(U20) who grabbed more than two gold medals each.

Also attending the competitions were the host school head, Engelbert Chimbwari, Nash executive led by Dr Edison Muresherwa and ZRP officer-in-charge Administration Masvingo Central, Inspector Newyear Rera.

The urban schools which are Zone E bagged 18 gold medals, 20 silver medals and nine bronze medals bringing them to third position.

Zone G which comprise of  Gokomere, Masvingo Day, Matova, St Stansilous, Bere, Chidzikwe, Temerraire, Zvamahande and Gundura schools came fourth with 11 gold, eight silver and 14 bronze medals .

Zone D comprising Mapakomhere, Mapanzure, Manunure, Chekai, Chevanhu, Gunikuni and Mukosi schools came fifth and had six gold, nine silver and 10 bronze medals.

Zone I comprising Chibaya, Bondolfi, Mukonde, Zvehuru, Mushandike, Mushawasha and Shingirirai came 6th with six gold, seven silver and seven bronze medals and Zone J comprising RCZ Nyajena, Chiwawa, Makotore, Nyikavanhu and Magudu schools came 7th with 641 six gold, four silver and a bronze medal.

Zone F comprising Zivezano, Rambakutemwa, Daitai and Makoni schools came 8th with six gold, three silver and five bronze medals and Zone H comprising Mutendi, Ruwanda, Mazare and Hwendedzo schools was placed on number 9 with three gold, five silver and four bronze medals.

On the tail end at number 10 is Zone A with two gold and seven silver medals. The schools in the zone are Makomba, Mavhiringidze, St Francis, Mazambara and Kushinga.

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