Unvaccinated students fail to write exams at Masvingo Poly

MASVINGO – Some third year students from Masvingo Polytechnic’s Industrial Training Trade Testing Department (ITTTD) have fallen a term behind their classmates after the institute’s administration barred them from writing one exam they were supposed to do after they failed to produce vaccination cards.
The Mirror is told that the students will have to wait until November 2021 to sit for their examinations with the next group.
ITTTD Director Paul Mutava described the development as unfortunate and said that they are working towards making the students take their exams again.
Ironically all their compatriots who sat for the same examinations at other institutions like Gweru Polytechnic managed to write without the same conditions being applied.
The Mirror is told that students from Masvingo Poly’s ITTTD were phoned by their institution on September 7, 2021 and instructed to either go to Gweru or Masvingo Polytechnic to sit for their exams the following day.
Masvingo Poly denied students who had no vaccination cards or valid covid-19 test cards entry into exam rooms while Gweru allowed everyone.
Masvingo Poly Principal Callisto Muzongondi told The Mirror that he was acting on instructions from Government.
“Our institution does not allow students without any of these documents into the premises. This is an instruction from The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary education” said Muzongondi.
The irony is that Government has reopened schools without any of those requirements.
“What happened was not anticipated, maybe you can also ask the ministry of tertiary education on whether they have allowed such things to happen. Nevertheless, our students will be allowed to write in November when the next batch will be writing,” said Mutava.
One of the students who failed to write the exams said the decision by Masvingo Poly is derailing her progress.
Another student who also wanted to remain anonymous said institutions of higher learning are abusing the government’s call for protection against covid-19.

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