UK’s Vasikana Vezhira donates 1t maize meal to Ngomahuru

Mirror Consultant Mathew Takaona (left) handing over the donation by Vasikana Vezhira to Ngomahuru Medical Superintendent Dr Parirenyatwa Maramba (second from right) while other staff members looks on.
Morris Bishi
Ngomahuru – Vasikana Vezhira, a group of 30 women from Masvingo Province who are based in the UK have donated a tonne of maize mealie to Ngomahuru Psychiatric Hospital.
Mirror consultant Matthew Takaona handed over the 100 x 10kgs of Ngwerewere mealie meal to the Medical Superintendent, Dr Parirenyatwa Maramba at the medical centre this morning.
Ngomahuru currently has 120 inmates.
“I received a call from Vasikana Vezhira chairlady, Last Mafuba that she had a tonne of mealie meal to donate to Ngomahuru. This is in response to various articles published by The Mirror highlighting the critical shortage of basic needs here.
“This is the second time that this group is making a donation here and they have asked me to deliver this on their behalf,” said Takaona.
Dr Maramba expressed his deep gratitude for the support and said the donation will go a long way in alleviating the dire shortage of food at the institution. He said that Ngomahuru is run by Government but because of many other commitments there sometimes isn’t enough food at the centre.
“We thank Vasikana Vezhira for their wonderful love and for sparing a thought for the disadvantaged,” said Dr Maramba.
The Hospital staff also made an appeal for balls for soccer and netball so that they can introduce entertainment at the institute which is completely not there. Any other donations towards entertainment are welcome.
Vasikana Vezhira was previously known by the name Daughters of the Soil but they have since changed the name because they felt that the former has political connotations.

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