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Two fake Tsikamutandas to perform community service

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Two fake Tsikamutandas to perform community service


Trymore Tagwirei

MASVINGO-Magistrate Raethgatsi Silaigwana has sent two conmen who pretended to be tsikamutanda’s and duped a Zimuto man of US$120 and two beasts to be evaluated for community service.
Richard Dhimbo (45) and Tutsirai Mataruse (24) duped Lazarus Mamhofa of Mapfugame Village under Chief Zimuto after promising him that they can summon his dead son’s spirit to torment those who allegedly killed him.
Prosecutor Ruvimbo Makoni told the court that Mataruse and Dhimbo told Mamhofa that they can summon his dead son, Leopold’s spirit to torment those that allegedly caused his death.
They conducted a ceremony at Mamhofa’s homestead on March 10, 2023 and received US$120 as down payment. They agreed with Mamhofa that two beasts will be paid after Leopold’s killers are haunted and confess to killing him in three days.
The duo then phoned Mamhofa after three days and pretended to be Leopold’s killers.
They alleged that they were being tormented by Leopold’s spirit and after several days they went back to Mamhofa and demanded the remaining two beasts alleging that Leopold’s spirit had avenged his death.
Mamhofa became suspicious and filed a Police report. The Police tracked the phone numbers that had been used to call him and consulted mobile services provider Econet Wireless which reviewed that the duo had used their phone numbers to make the calls.
Police then arrested the two conmen.

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