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Turn Chibhoraniland into Smileland

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Turn Chibhoraniland into Smileland



It is an undisputed fact that Chibhoraniland citizens are well known the world over as people who are warm-hearted and quite welcoming, a practice well rooted in their culture. Yes, I can already see you giving me your sekuru that warm smile that typifies the people of this beautiful country. Ask anyone who at one time visited Chibhoraniland and they will tell you unequivocally that its people are just as beautiful as their beautiful country. Of course Chibhoraniland inhabitants will say that mweni haaiswi padura, meaning a stranger is not sent to the granary. There is always the danger of you later finding it empty. Something like this may actually be happening in Chibhoraniland as we speak. Watch out! They will also say that usatuke verwendo rutsoka ndiMarashe advising you not to scold sojourners because one day you may find yourself in their homeland. Smile we do to visitors and I am sure we do not smile to them just because they bring us the much needed foreign currency and jobs here and there in the hotel industry but because we genuinely love them.
That having been said the question is what is currently happening when we Chibhoraniland dwellers are on our own? Are we giving each other the treatment we are giving to our foreign visitors? Are we giving each other the same warm smile we are giving to foreign visitors? Here we need to seriously examine our consciences to find out where we are sinning, confess our sins and resolve never to commit the same sins again. What I am noticing is that although we are famously warm hearted to foreigners we are turning out to be more and more cold hearted to each other contrary to our traditional culture. Check out the indifference with which handle each other becoming a case of one man for himself, God for us all with Chibhoraniland finding itself as one of the most corrupt countries on the globe. Ask a stranger for the way to your destination and he will demand for payment. I am sure you are noticing the rising cases of domestic violence, rape, suicide and murder even for trivial reasons. Political intolerance among ourselves is clearly evidenced by pre and post-election violence.
Where is the warm Chibhoraniland smile ladies and gentlemen? I am not seeing a lot of smiling faces while we are losing our hunhu/ubuntu which is the foundation of our social behaviour. Chibhoraniland citizens let us please smile at each other more and more and turn our country into Smileland thus making it a paradise as paradise is nothing but happy faces. Panenge paita dambudziko tose tinogadzirisa, all of us full of smiles. Let me go to the chibhorani hoping I will find some smiling faces at the water hole. Yours truly Sekuru Taurai ndataura with a smile.

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