Traffic chaos at Chevron Hotel

It is chaos after chaos as one drives out of Masvingo CBD along R G Mugabe Street especially during the peak hour. Here a little journey 500 metres long that you can usually do in 30 seconds will take you around forty five minutes as you will be travelling at
500 metres per hour. The nightmare usually starts from the flea market and ends after the Craft Centre. Those few metres are enough to send you to an undeserved hell.

As you drive towards Chevron Hotel vehicle queues start to multiply from the usual two lanes to seven or eight as you get to the railway line. All these vehicles will be competing for passage to get into a single lane towards the bridge across Mucheke River. To
make matters worse some unruly drivers are getting into the opposite lane used by traffic that is coming into town. Traffic police try their best to exert some semblance of sanity but to no avail. After the railway line three queues of vehicles start to compete for passage on the bridge. Once you get over the bridge you can heave a sigh of relief except for those who would be turning left to go to Mucheke Rank and further. Here you would have to beg traffic getting into town to give way for you so you can turn right.

The sad story does not end there as vehicles getting into town would be making a queue that stretches from Masvingo Technical College to the railway line. Their passage will be blocked by traffic that would be leaving the CBD. For how long are we going to have this chaos? This picture does not put us anywhere near the journey towards Vision 2030. For starters something should have been done to the Chimusana Bridge and Road a long time ago.

This road would drastically reduce pressure on the main highway. Unfortunately as it is raining cats and dogs almost daily all traffic is being forced to use the main bridge. There is now need for a second high bridge across Mucheke River and dualisation of the road, at least from Chevron Hotel to the roundabout to cater for the ever increasing volume of traffic. We therefore appeal to central government and the local city council to urgently do something about this situation.

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