Toyota double cab, 6 occupants disappear in flooded Gweru River this morning

Elizabeth Mashiri

Midlands Burea

A Toyota Hilux double cab is said to have disappeared with its six passengers at a flooded Gweru River in Matobo this morning, Gweru Mayor Josiah Makombe has confirmed.

The Mirror also confirmed that workers from Gweru City Council Fire Brigade are currently looking for the vehicle.

The incident happened when the driver tried to cross the bridge along Matobo Road near Ascot in Gweru. The road goes to Lower Gweru.

“I have been at the bridge since morning with our fire department and ZRP but we haven’t seen the car or the occupants. You can call me back later,” said Makombe

Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko said Police was tipped of the incident by a man who urged the driver not to cross the river.

“However, the driver insisted and the car was swept away in the full view of this witness,” said Mahoko.

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