Top sugarcane farmer marries maid a week after wife’s death

Hardly a week after his controversial wife met her maker (MHSRIP) this popular top sugarcane grower had taken in the maid in full violation of our rich culture. Asi mudhara murikenge here imwi, murikenge here zvokwadi. Unongo udzvura udzvura maziso kunge imbwa yabatwa panext door (don’t ask me kuti yabatwa ichiitei).
The old man we are HOTHING about is a well known elder in Hippo Valley or Chiredzi chero zvamada he answers to the name of that man akanyengegwa kugera vhudzi mubhuku dzvene raMwari and the late wife is the one who dressed down the heroine from Gutu at the height of the factional fights in the ruling party.
For the sake of this piece we will call him mudhara Sammy Makone. The sharp tongued former women’s leader, Vhoro should be turning in her grave because barely a week after her burial mudhara Sammy had literally married their maid. Yes, it’s true their maid, who was once married to this Kombi driver, wekuZaka anonzi Gumbwa or something like that.
The maid’s name is Love and has two kids from her previous marriage, chegore rino hameno.
The two did not only end by sleeping together in the presence of his four daughters but they went on to mobilise funds for lobola. The mobilisation did not take long because zvimari zviripo hazvo mudhara Sammy is a sugarcane farmer of note, white gold from the Lowveld.
But it did not go without an incident, vana vakambomira mira kukanzi nhai baba motinyadzisa kuroora maid wenyu, apa Mhamha vachangofa. But the unashamed nincompoop of a father would have none of that as he threatened to disown the daughters if they stop his shameful move. Pakamboita makakatamwana zvibhakera zvikapotsa zvabaka but the old madhala prevailed.
Kwai ndirikutsvaka mwanakomana saka let me try the maid since anevanakomana zvingango famba uye Vhoro aindiwachisa asingandipi maconjugal rights angu for 5 years, said Sammy defending his move.
After the fight the old madhala packed the Ford Ranger twin cab with all sorts of goodies for the inlaws, iwo mazi latest emusangano iwawo amunongoona achiti mvee mvee mutown.
The inlaws are in Zaka  inopisa. As the twin cab puffed and weaved its way from Hippo Valley overloaded with goodies, the small community was left in awe like the Iraq war where Bush declared that the war would be a shock and awe affair.
As fate would have it the late ruling party former women leader invoked her spiritual powers from the unknown world and the car broke down just after the Zaka turnoff and the journey was temporarily stopped.
The smiles that were all over the new couple disappeared like dew, Love had some advice for old madhala Sammy, she advised him to talk to her late wife, kudeketera achikumbira authority to proceed with the journey. Kuti hama dzake dzimbodhlawo mari yenzimbe.
All that was in vain as the car only moved for some few kilometres and the engine knocked. This time the old man had no option but to invite her daughter who has a vehicle as well to come to the rescue. Although she was against the idea she gave in and rescued the two to proceed to Zaka.
Love is now pregnant and old madhala Sammy Makone is eying another small girl at Hippo Valley Medical Centre mari yenzimbe inoparira.

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