Top lawyer to preside over Chipinge Town Secretary hearing

Ellen Mlambo

CHIPINGE – Abraham Kudzanai Maguchu, a lawyer from one of the country’s top law firms has been appointed to chair a tribunal that will preside over the hearing of suspended Chipinge Town Secretary Susan Dube that should be held in the next few weeks.

Chipinge Town Council chairman Zivanai Nyakuchena confirmed to Chipinge Times in an exclusive interview that Maguchu of Dube Manikai and Hwacha will preside over the case.

Tariro Tazvitya of Bere and Brothers will represent Chipinge Town Council in the case while Dube who is accused of corruption will be represented by Langton Mhungu of Mhungu and Associates.

He said that the appointment follows a recommendation by The Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ).

The date of the hearing is yet to be announced.

Dube was suspended through a council resolution on April 9, 2021 following her arrest by the Police in February on two charges of abuse of office and a subsequent court order that barred her from visiting her workplace. She is currently out of jail on $20 000 bail.

Dube’s case must be heard within three months of her suspension and several councilors have been accusing Nyakuchena of delaying the hearing in a bid to sweep the case under the carpet.

“Council placed Dube on three months suspension on April 9, 2021 and resolved to bring an independent tribunal to preside over the hearing. Its two months now since she was suspended but nothing tangible has been done” queried one of the councilors.

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