Too poor to stay healthy

It would seem that if you want to get rich quickly without too much sweat these days you can do a few things like running a private school or a pharmacy. You see parents and guardians are prepared to pay whatever they have to educate their children and dependents.

Chirere chigokurerawo or look after your children so they can look after you later, unlike in the western countries where parents educate their children but don’t expect anything from them. On the other hand the sick or their relatives will pay anything to get rid of sickness. You see, the other day I had to leave my homestead kwedu kuno kumachonyonyo early in the morning before the first cock crowed to go to my nearest town which is our dear Ancient City.

Before that I had to sell four goats to raise money; one goat for doctor consultation, two to buy drugs and one for transport. For lunch I carried sweet potatoes and mahewu.

Before I left I was warned not to buy my drugs before getting quotations from various pharmacies in order to get the cheapest price. The learned doctor gave me a long prescription for my aching back and a few other things peculiar to old men like me after giving him a hefty consultation fee.

From the doctor’s surgery I then took a tour of the whole city moving from surgery to surgery in an effort to get quotations. Surprised indeedI was when I discovered that there are so many pharmacies in the CBD totaling around 15 and it would seem that more are coming with one street having as many as 7 pharmacies. I was told there are more in the high density areas, kuya kwavanogara vakatsikirirana.

Also surprised I was when I discovered the wide price differences. Imagine the same drug costing over 300% more in the next pharmacy. I had to make a list of pharmacies where my drugs were cheapest and once more go around each pharmacy to then make my purchases. Imagine the cumber- some exercise! However in the endI could not afford all the prescribed drugs as my funds were not adequate enough to buy all of them.

These days you have to be rich to stay healthy. The Chibhoraniland poor are dying because they cannot afford the high consultation fees and expensive drugs. Hutano kuvanhu huri kupi? Where is the health for all? –

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