Tongogara RDC collects only 16% revenue


SHURUGWI – With two months to go before the end of the 2021 financial year, Tongogara Rural District (RDC) has collected just 16% of its budgeted revenue, the Minister of State for Midlands Larry Mavima has said.
A frustrated Mavima said this after touring the local authority’s projects on Tuesday that include the construction of clinics, sinking of boreholes and rehabilitation of roads.
He said that as a result of the poor revenue collection, the local authority this year relied heavily on devolution funds and this meant many projects have either not been completed or are at a standstill. He said that council was operating below standards and targets were not being met.
Mavima however, complemented Tongogara for sinking a total of 24 boreholes in the district which are now giving safe water to the villagers.
“I am shocked That Tongogara collected just 16% of its revenue from ratepayers and this is two months to end of the financial year. This means the rest of the money is lost. I instructed them to move away from door-to-door way of collecting revenue and adopt online methods particularly in the face of the Covid19 pandemic,” said Mavhima.
Acting council chairman, Golden Kapeta said that the local authority had failed to collect most of its revenue because of the lockdown. The local authority is still using the door-to-door method of collecting revenue and he thanked the Minister for suggesting that they move to digital methods.
“Council now relies on devolution funds for projects because there is no revenue. Five clinics were built and only one is completed, commissioned and operational. I suggest that they do one project at a time and complete it than have many uncompleted projects.
“Clinics like Kubatana, Gamwa, Totonga and Tongogara are yet to be finished and commissioned. I am of the idea that they do one project after another. There is more of unfinished projects as compared to finished project. Yes boreholes have been drilled and everyone now has access to clean water, roads have been rehabilitated and all is well on the roads except Chachacha to Parkame,” said Mavhima.

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