Tongaat clears the air on school fees disparities

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Chiredzi – Hippo Valley High School SDC chairman Rameck Mamombe has explained the reasons why some children at the school pay higher fees than others.
There has been a lot of anger by parents who pay more fees and they threatened to report the issue to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.
Mamombe told The Mirror that there are two groups of children at the school, namely those whose parents work for Tongaat and those whose parents are not employed by the company.
He said Tongaat is paying 80% fees for children whose parents work for company and are in grades A and B. Parents who are in higher grades do not have fees paid for their children because the company feels their salaries are such that they can pay without assistance.
The children whose parents do not work for Tongaat have to pay the full fees because the school needs every child to pay so that it can meet its costs.
Tongaat built Hippo Valley High School and handed it over to Government.
The school enrolls 90% of its children from Tongaat and only 10% from outside Tongaat Hulett.
“The school was initially for Tongaat Hulett Workers but spared a thought for the rest of the community.
“Of the 90% we enrolled, Tongaat Hulett pays 80% of the fees for its workers who are on Grade A to grade B and any worker who is above B grade does not get that allocation because we assume they have enough money to pay for their children’s fees,” said Mamombe.
Luckson Gondo, Hippo Valley High head echoed the same sentiments.
“The policy to pay 80% fees for parents was introduced around 2008 in a bid to help Tongaat Hulett employees. The fees is the same, we charge the same fees, its only that Tongaat Hulett pays part of the fees for their workers,” said Gondo.

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